Thursday, March 19, 2009

You're a Daddy AND a Son???

Ashton is so funny! Cary was on the phone with his mom the other day and Ashton asked who he was talking to and he said, "I'm talking to my mommy...Mimi." And she thought and thought and you could tell she was processing this carefully. Then she said, "So you're a Daddy AND a son?"

Speaking of Ashton, she is OFFICIALLY paci-free! YEA! The paci fairy came to our house last Friday night. We left them all in a bag under the palm tree in our front yard. The paci fairy left her a new pink baby doll stroller, an Abby Cadabby (Sesame Street) DVD, and a lovie (pink furry and silky blanket). We still can't believe she fell for it, knowing how good and attached she was to her paci. But it really could have been on Super Nanny, it was THAT smooth! The next day, she was like a drug addict going through withdrawal. That day was tough. She was not herself at all. She really acted drunk. I kid you not. She would thrash herself around on the bed screaming for her paci. It was kind of freaky. But we didn't give in. Instead, we gave her a ring pop! Way to be strong huh? Hey, it worked! And this week, she has had more than her share of candy. I guess it's like when a smoker gives up their cigarette and they gain weight b/c they eat more? She's definitely eating more this week. Candy, that is! But she hasn't asked for her paci since that first day. I found one when I was cleaning up the playroom the other day. I snuck it into my pocket and headed straight for the trash can. That would have been tragic if she had seen it. I mean, I literally took trash out of the trash can so I could bury the thing way down at the bottom.

Ashton and Lexi both have birthdays next week, so we're gearing up for that. We have lots and lots of surprises up our sleeves! More to come on that next week!


Alicia said...

When are your girls b-days. Henry will be 3 on the 24th.

circus of love said...

I am so glad the paci-fairy went well. I was thinking about you!!! So glad!

Ashley said...

Cade just turned two and is totally attached to his still. I don't think the whole fairy thing will work on a any other ideas?? I have got to start doing something! The kid loves his binky more than any of us...combined!

Anonymous said...

Good for you~ Be strong!

Anonymous said...

Funny....poor kid, but funny!!! We thought we got rid of ours last year and then with the move about 4 or 5 were discovered and I am thinking the paci-fairy may need to make a trip very soon!!!!