Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Princess Sparkles

We found the cutest, most precious pooch at church on Sunday. She was roaming the courtyard from 7 AM until 11 AM when I saw her and sent Cary over to check her out and see if she had any tags on. She did not, but she was very friendly and it was obvious that she had been well cared for and definitely belonged to someone. So we brought her home and gave her a bath. Lexi named her Princess Sparkles. She was a shitzu. Very cute. White with light brown patches and black ears. She was a lap dog and great with my girls. We fell in love with her. But all the while, we told the girls we were just babyistting until we could find her mommy because, after all, isn't that what we would want someone to do if Candice ever ran away? They understood and were happy to partake in the babysitting job! Over the course of 36 hours, we all fell head over heals in love with this dog. She was just so dern sweet! We put some signs up around the church neighborhood and knocked on a few doors Sunday afternoon trying to find her owner, but no one claimed her. I even called Animal Control and left a description with them in case the owner called there. Last night around 7 PM, the phone rang. It was a man from our church asking if I had taken the dog on Sunday. I said, "Yes, she's here." He said, "I think her owner is here looking for her." I spoke the woman and sure enough Princess Sparkles was really "Chloe". She had been searching the neighborhood and a man told her, "Oh, yes, one of the pastors up at the church took her home. He knocked on my door yesterday asking if it was my dog." So the woman ran to the church and that's how she tracked us down. We took "Chloe" up to the church and said our goodbyes. The girls were sad. I was sad. Her mommy was weeping uncontrollably. She thought her baby was gone forever! We assured her that we took very good care of her and gave her lots of love. When we were driving away Lexi said, "Mommy, I'm kinda happy now. We did the right thing. It was nice that we took care of that dog for her mommy." I think the girls learned some valuable lessons from this experience. They learned that we take care of all God's creatures. They learned that it's best to do the right thing, even if it hurts a little. They learned that God blesses us when we do the right thing and it makes Him very happy. Maybe one day we'll have our own Princess Sparkles!


Nickel Mom said...

Awwww...how sweet! We had our own Shi Tzu for a while and they are very good dogs! :)

Anonymous said...

Cute story and great lesson for the kids!!!!