Saturday, March 28, 2009

My "Babies" Are 4 & 6!

I know some moms say "time flies" and "it seems like yesterday I gave birth to you"...WHATEVER! It doesn't seem like yesterday. It seems like a lifetime ago! I can't believe Ashton is only 4! Don't get me wrong, I'm loving every minute of it, well, not EVERY minute, but 99.9% of them, but I feel like such a different person in a different world than the lady who gave birth to Ashton 4 yrs ago and the lady who gave birth to Lexi 6 yrs ago! That was, let's see, FOUR houses ago, yes FOUR, in a different state, working in a different career (full time I might add) with a husband in a different career, actually that was 3 jobs ago for Cary, and I felt about 20 yrs younger than I feel today! About the only thing that has stayed constant over the past 6 yrs has been my PETS...Candice and Mr. Baloo! They've stuck with us through it all! But this week we celebrated both girls' birthdays. Ashton was 37 minutes from crashing sister's party four years ago! So March 25th and 26th we celebrate! My mom's birthday is also on the 25th, which worked out fabulously as far as Disney is concerned b/c you get in free on your birthday and we recently got annual passes from Granny for our birthdays so we all went to Disney on the 25th (after school of course). And turns out, if you're a pass holder, you can get $75 Disney Bucks on your birthday rather than the free ticket, so we got our Disney Bucks and headed to the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique for Princess makeovers. It's located in the Magic Kingdom castle. Lexi wanted to be Jasmine and Ashton wanted to be the Little Mermaid. Then we had dinner with Pluto and Goofy.

Then on Thursday, the birthday festivities continued with Ashton's birthday. We had her party at the Lakefront with her classmates from school and then that night had Lexi's party, which she insisted that she just wanted her two best buds from school to spend the night with her as her "party". We ate ice cream and learned how to dance like Hannah Montana with a "how to" video (I'm not kidding), we painted pillow cases as party favors, we played dress up, we slept in a tent in the living room, it really was great fun and Lexi kept saying, "This is the best birthday party ever!" And all I could think of was, "You mean all these years of killing myself with these over the top, lavishly creative parties and all I really had to do was invite a couple of friends over and build them some ice cream sundaes and a tent??? Now that I'm getting this whole parenting thing down pat, it's a darn shame I don't intend to have another one! Which by the way, I know I was tossing that idea around, but let me just tell you, I realized the other day that I would be the 40 yr old mom dropping off my 4 yr old at preschool. Something about that thought drove me to reality and I realized...two's good!


circus of love said...

I suppose since I homeschool it won't matter that I will be 41 with a 4 year old. :)
The girls are soooo cute!!! The Bibity boppity boutique is so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Sooooo CUTE!!!!! Love Big Sister's hair do....(waiting for our little one to have enough hair to do that) and I like the hair thingy (whatever you call it) on little sister. I know they had an awesome time!!!! I came across our thing from 2007 from the BBB the other day and saw the different names for the hair do's. Funny! Can't wait to do that this fall!!!

Our two keep us busy and I am able to do more for them since it is the two of them and they get to share birthdays together (like yours).

I was hoping you would add photos of them in their BBB attire!!!! Happy Birthday x2!!!!

Mom2 I&E