Wednesday, December 10, 2008

spilled pee, Jesus, and disco parties

I realize putting the name of Jesus in that subject line next to the words "pee" and "disco" seems a bit irreverant. But really, let me explain.

We have a potty in our car. Genius! Or so I thought. Until the potty spilled. And it was FULL. Of pee. I'm a bit of a germaphobe. Actually I don't know if I'm a germaphobe or just plain ol grossed out by public potties. And you know how little girls go potty. They touch everything. Their pants fall to the nasty floor when they sit down on the potty. Or their pants rest up against the side of the potty. It's just so EW! So about 3 years ago, I put a potty in the car. When my kids need to potty in public, we take a trip to the car. So far, it's been a genius idea. Until Saturday. When it got spilled all inside the back of my car. I dried it up, used all sorts of carpet cleaners and deodorizers. I went to the carwash and shampooed the carpet back there. But 80 degree heat and spilled pee in the carpet doesn't really mix. Will the smell ever go away? What else takes urine smells out of carpet?

And on a totally unrelated note, today, Daddy and Lexi had a nice long, sweet talk about Jesus. It was special. Lexi has been asking tons of questions about Heaven, baptism, and what it means to have Jesus in her heart. So Daddy picked her up from school today and they went on a date and he explained everything to her in 5 yr old terms and showed her a kids video that he shows at his Kidfaith Class which he teaches at church. It's a class designed to answer questions for kids about salvation and baptism. Today, Lexi trusted in Christ for her salvation. Only God knows how much she truly understands and grasps, but she definitely has all the head knowledge and knows the right answers. I'm sure this topic will come up over and over again during the next few years with her. But no matter the case, God's word does not return void. These seeds have been planted in her heart and she is truly a child of God. Praise the Lord!

And from Jesus to disco! Lexi was invited to a birthday party by one of her classmates, whom I do not know, but she is her best buddy at school. She loves this little girl and talks about her NONSTOP! But the party, 6-9 pm on FRIDAY NIGHT! It's a dico dance party. I was like, Uh, when did princess parties and Build a Bear parties on Saturday afternoons go out of style??? I resolved to let her go, but I'm going with her. I spoke with the mom and she said I was more than welcome to stay as long as I'd like. Whew! I'm very excited to meet the mom and learn more about this family since it appears as though our children are inseperable at school. But it's definitely a new chapter in our lives. Up till now, Lexi's friends have been children of my friends and now she's making her own friends. Kind of exciting!


laytonfamily said...

I totally understand, my 5 yr old asked for Jesus to send down his holy spirit and let it live in his heart! This was after a long Q&A on my part to which he replied "of course Mommy". So why does he go and lie or be rude to his baby brother? I was 26 when I "got saved" and I don't think I completely understood either!

But there are times he says things, and knows God is in control - I wonder if his faith is stronger than mine!!

circus of love said...

Yippee!!! Lexi is my little sister in Christ!!! Layton did this right before she turned 5. It is so sweet!
Sunday on the way to church while John and I were humming to Christmas carols on the Z, Layton yells to the front and says, "Cheney, just asked Jesus into her heart!" I just asked if she wanted to and she prayed with me. Now she's a christian." It was really cute but then Cheney said, "No I don't have Jesus in my heart." I think it will be awhile for Cheney! Hee,hee!

circus of love said...

Do you have to dress as Hannah Montana to attend?