Monday, December 1, 2008

Lexi & Ashton...Dec '08

I had this brainstorm tonight at dinner while I was watching the girls be their usual cute little selves. Ashton, in her big fluffy Sleeping Beauty pink princess dress, half way through dinner, got up and went over to Daddy and nuzzled her way into his arms. Lexi proudly showed off her day's worth of food accomplishments right there on her white shirt. "Look Mommy, I'm a mess. Chocolate ice cream and beans all over my shirt!" As she licked the macaroni off of her fingers. Listening to both girls snicker at me when I announced to Candice and the kitty cat that YES, mommy had made them a tuna patty tonight too. (I didn't want them to feel left out.) It occurred to me, as it does so often these days, that my children are growing like weeds and I have to treasure, absolutely treasure, each and every adorable little thing they do and say NOW, because in the blink of an eye the clock will strike twelve, and our little cinderellas will be gone. So, every few months, I want to take the time to record some things about them that I want to remember 20 years from now. Starting now!

Lexi, 5 yrs and 9 months old, Kindergarten:
Pets: Candice the dalmatian, Mr. Baloo the kitty cat, and a beta fish named Camryn
Favorite thing to play: Anything outdoors, loves to do cartwheels in the backyard and jump on the trampoline, indoors loves to play with odds and ends kind of toys (a paper bowl full of a ball of foil, a rock, a rubber band, and a colored piece of paper taped up like a kite). See...odds and ends I tell you! Loves to color and shows great artistic ability.
Other Notable Characteristics: Very physically gifted (does great at gymnastics and is starting basketball in Jan), a little short fused at times, okay all the time, has great compassion for people and animals, LOVES JESUS AND TEXAS A&M...WHOOP! I've trained her well. Always has a song in her heart, loves to make up songs and they're usually about Jesus, would rather be outdoors getting dirty than indoors playing dress up any day, wears anything I lay out for her and eats everything I put in front of her! Would drink milk all day long if I'd let her. Hates yogurt and cheese.

Ashton, 3 yrs and 9 months old, PreK3:
Favorite thing to play: Dress up!!! This child isn't in the house for more than 10 minutes before she's stripping down and putting on either her princess dresses or her swimsuit or ballet leotard. And her outfit is not complete without the high heal dress up shoes! Lately, she's had an affection for cars too.
Other Notable Characteristics: Very opinionated! Cries EVERY TIME I leave her at school or at church...EVERY TIME! Without fail. Would rather sit in my lap and watch t.v. than to play. Says, "Yap" instead of "Yes". Takes off her shoes every time she sits down at a restaurant or in the car...she hates real shoes....prefers the dress up kind I guess! Calls flip flops "pop pops" and they are the only shoes she will willingly put on when it's time to leave the house. Will not drink milk to save her life (unless it has chocolate or coffee mixed with it) but eats her weight in cheese. We call her our little rat. LOVES Abbey on Sesame Street! Says at least 100 times a day "I a pincess". Loves to sit in the front seat of the car with me in the carpool line and play, "I the mommy, you the daddy" (she's the mommy, I'm the daddy). Every time I get off the phone she asks, "What they say?" Cute as a button!


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Rachel said...

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Cheney and Ashton...too princesses in a pod!!!

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