Monday, February 23, 2009

We're back...

We spent Wednesday-Saturday in Dallas at the C3 conference (Creative Church Conference) at our former church, Fellowship Church. It was INCREDIBLE!!! I think I took 100 pages of notes! My mom came in town and stayed with our girls so they wouldn't miss school. Lexi's asthma got a little out of control while we were gone so last night I took her to the pediatric urgent care place for them to listen to her chest. I was worried it had turned into pneumonia and she was running a low grade fever as well. She couldn't lay down without coughing so hard that she would throw up. So I took her in and guess what? What do I know??? Nothing apparently! The doctor said her chest sounded clear and she wasn't wheezing (I have news for him...she's going to her regular dr today for that one) and low and behold, she had STREP THROAT and a DOUBLE EAR INFECTION! She has been playing like normal, hasn't complained of anything hurting. The doctor even asked her if her throat or ears hurt and she said, "No". He showed me her throat. I don't know how it couldn't hurt. Her tonsils were so huge and swollen and there was this awful looking red patchy rash back there. Isn't that scary? I know a girl from college who recently died from the strep bacteria. They thought she had the flu so they sent her home with an anti-viral drug. Turns out, she didn't have the flu, she had strep. And if it goes untreated for even just a few days, it gets into your bloodstream and organs and it can kill you. So today, I'm thanking GOD for that annoying cough last night which is what took us to the urgent care place which is where we found out she had strep! So once again, THANK YOU LORD for saving my rear and saving my child!

Not today, because I'm overwhelmed with things to do right now, but another day, I really want to share with all of you what one of the conference speaker spoke about last week. Her name was Christine Cain from Hillsong Church in Australia and her message was just INSANELY wonderful and what so many of us need to hear. I will share it later this week b/c it just really spoke to me in such a profound way. That's my teazer. You'll have to wait for the good stuff!

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