Friday, February 6, 2009

A Friend Returns!

You may remember in August or June or July or some time a while back, I mentioned that Lexi's best friend, Caroline, was moving to Mexico as her family was going into the mission field with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Sadly for them, but greatly for us, they are back! Their visa situation did not work out with Mexico's immigration office and they could no longer stay in Mexico. So they returned on Sunday and have been staying with us since then. We were all so excited about their return, especially Lexi. Unfortunately, the kids have not had much play time this week because their entire family has been ill. They have three children and all three have been running fever, vomiting, and now have the congestion part so they haven't much felt like playing. But we're just so glad to have them back, we know there will be plenty of play time in the coming weeks and months! Fortunately, so far, knock on wood, the Lord has shielded my family from the illness. And I hope it continues b/c I just got them all well about 2 weeks ago after 2 months of being sick! So we've had a very full and busy week with our houseguests. They are house hunting and school hunting. Have I mentioned how excited we are to have them back? Oh and in case you missed it on facebook, Jenny, my houseguest, caught Cary and I having a lovefest in the kitchen last night. Just a weee bit embarrassing!

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