Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tummy Ache

Yesterday after school, I brought Ashton home and made us some hot roast beef with swiss sandwhiches with homemade guacamole and we sat at the kitchen table together to eat and watch the rain. When it's just the two of us eating lunch at home during the day, Ashton likes to scoot her chair up as close to me as possible and while she's struggling to move her chair she always remarks, "I like you Mommy." Everyday! So sweet! And I say, "I like you too." And we eat and eat and drink and drink and snuggle and snuggle. Heavenly! Yesterday while we were eating together and snuggling together over homemade guacamole, Ashton said, "I want a baby sister." And I said, "Well if Mommy had a baby, then I couldn't hold you all the time." And Ashton said, "No, I just want the baby sister to be in your tummy." And I said, "Well, eventually the baby would have to come out and play." And she said, "Cause why, you have tummy ache?" To say the least!


Anonymous said...

Funny!! Hey- I am looking into the place you went on your honeymoon....which room did you stay in ?

Nickel Mom said...

Awwww....that is cute! You just never know what kids are thinking! Today my 3 year old said, "Mommy, is God in my tummy?" and was on to talking about the football on his sweatpants. They are so cute and say the funniest things! :0)