Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Resolutions Anyone?

Would anyone like to share their New Year's Resolution? I'm not sure I really have one, but I would like to spend more time in God's word. I read God's word daily, but I mean REALLY STUDYing God's word. I'm not sure if that's a resolution or just being obedient. But either way it's what I need to do more of this year. Losing weight would be nice, but who am I kidding? I told my husband tonight I would like to resolve to volunteer LESS! Most people resolve to volunteer more, I need to volunteer less! Maybe that will be my resolution! I resolve to say NO! So what about you? What do you resolve to do in 2009?


Anonymous said...

New Year Resolutions - I don't normally say them out loud, but I have been really thinking on a particular "thought" (a prayer for 2009) lately...

Sometimes I wonder why God has placed me where I am today and what the next step is in my life.

During the last three months I have been sitting in the balcony at church - from there I can see I look over the many people I think about how God has moved me from a place of contentment to a place of working for Him. BUT do these people see God's love in me? Do they desire to know God because of Christ in me?

I have come to know these people, to pray for them, to care about them - but do I see them as Jesus sees them? Do I love them as Jesus loves them?

God want us to love His people as He does. He gave His life for His sheep. What can I give?
Time? yes
Prayer? yes
"Lord, show me how to love them."

I realize that I am no good to God if I am not willing to love His people, to care for His people, to "feed His sheep". If I do not have love, I'm nothing.

That is my prayer for 2009 - to allow God to use me to "feed His sheep" to let them see Christ in me through His love.

Stephanie said...

My resolution is to spend time with friends. Notice I didn't put "more" time? That's because household chores have always come first. This year, I'll have a messy house, but I'll spend time with friends.

Kristi said...

I LOVE the volunteer less....I feel like everytime I turn around I am being asked to volunteer for something else. I might have to steal that one from you!!!!