Thursday, January 29, 2009

Can you say TORTILLAS?

And yet another fabulously wonderful meal has emerged from my kitchen today, two fabulous meals in one day. What's gotten into me? I'm not a fan of chicken & dumplins but they are my husband's favorite! So when my mom told me about this trick of using tortillas instead of dumplins, I was all over it! The dumplins are the part I don't like about chicken & dumplins. So now we have chicken & dumplins or should I say Heather's rendition of "Chicken Tortilla Soup". It's FABULOUS!

-boil some chicks with some cut up celery, I shaved some carrots in there, onion, and seasoned with salt and a pack of ranch dressing mix.
-Cut up your chicken and put the slices back in the same pot.
-I added a can of cream of chicken soup just to thicken a little and for flavor.
-cut up tortillas into fourths and put them in the pot to simmer for a few minutes.

That's it! Easy Schmeasy! I serve it with salad and sourdough bread and we dip our sourdough bread in balsamic vinegar/oil with herbs. YUM! Wanna come over? Sorry, it's all gone....heeheee!


Nickel Mom said...

You have GOT to stop talking about food on here. Every time I visit I'm hungry for Mexican!! :0) All sounds so YUMMY!! My husbands going to wonder why my baby came out mexican! hee! :0)

Stephanie said...

I thought the post was going to be about the Red Raiders and those durn tortillas again. I'm glad to see a yummy recipe instead. I'll have to try it soon.