Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What is the world coming to, part 2

Today I had to...

1. Sign a consent form for Ashton's preschool to use germ-ex on her hands!

2. Sign a permission slip to allow Lexi to purchase whatever she wanted at her school's Book Fair.

Now obviously, there had to be complaints or else there would be no need for consent forms right?

Are you kidding me??? Germ ex? Who complains about Germ ex? It's a staple item in my house. I have it in the house, in the car, in the purse, in the diaper bag. I asked her teacher, "Okay, so did someone complain and that's why y'all had to send these consent forms out?" And she said that they had their annual inspection from DCF (same thing as CPS in Texas) and this was one thing they got busted on...using Germ ex!

And as for the Book Fair, I understand when you give a child $20 bucks to go to the Boof Fair, that they may not always make the wisest choices and they may come home with something you wished they hadn't purchased, but that's the fun of the Book Fair...getting to shop without your mom hovering over you! I LOVED THE BOOK FAIR when I was a kid. That's one of my favorite school memories. I was so excited for Lexi when she told me her class was going to the Book Fair today. I wanted to send her with plenty of money so she could buy whatever she wanted, knowing good and well that she would probably come home with something I would have never chosen for her. But when your kid comes home with an unwise purchase, make it a teachable moment and move on. You don't complain to the school! For Heaven's sake!

Whatever the world is coming to, I'm sure it's not good!


laytonfamily said...

parents lack of parenting leads to bad decisions and then consent forms. bad apples do ruin bunches!

Texas Aggie in Florida said...


That and I also think our society has this mentality that we're never at fault, someone else is always to blame. People don't want to accept responsibility for their actions. That's why there are an overabundance of frivolous (sp?) lawsuits nowadays. Instead of holding their children responsible, they put it on the school and the teacher! Not right!

laytonfamily said...

Absolutely! finger pointing, getting someone for what they're worth, and waiting with a hand out is what this great land has turned into. A bunch of selfish, instant gratification, faultless, victims!

Rhonda C said...

i'm still waiting on the talking walls.

Anonymous said...

I agree....that is really rediculous!!!!

Honestly, I think people are starting to complicate things now...or at least it seems that way. I mean, families seem busier than ever, so do they really have time to sign permission slips for something that would keep their child's hands clean?

As far as I go on that, if you have that in your class room, PLEASE put it on my child so he or she won't get another kid's germs and get sick!!!!

The teachers have a lot that gets put on them that people probably don't realize and this is another one of those things! I agree with you in your comment to the left.

circus of love said...

Did you hear the reports of a kid getting intoxicated because she licked the Germex off her hands instead of rubbing it in? SERIOUSLY! It has a really high alcohol content. I remember seeing it on the news and reading about it online. So just make sure your kids don't eat it. Ha,ha! My kids def know what that stuff is for.

circus of love said...

Although there are days I think about licking it myself...HA, HA!