Sunday, November 9, 2008

Greetings From Texas

We arrived in satan's city (Austin) on Friday afternoon. If you're not from Texas and know NOTHING about Austin, let me just tell you, it is home of that "other" university, the one we refer to as satan's children. Plus Austin is just a wierd place even without the university. So wierd in fact, that thier slogan is "keep Austin wierd". See? I didn't make it up! It's wierd. And the traffic! Lord! You don't know traffic until you've traveled down I35 in Austin during rush hour. Makes Houston and Dallas look like a ride at Disney World! So far we have eaten at Pappasito's, we atteneded HALF of the Aggie game (long story and I'm not just talking about the awful score), and we've eaten at my all time favorite place, "Wings N More" in College Station. After the first half of the game, Lexi walked around campus picking up rocks and a Texas-sized acorn. That sucker is HUGE! Like bigger than a squirrels head! Only in Texas. I told her we could put her rocks in a jar and label the jar, "Aggieland Rocks" da bing! Today we are sort of relaxing. I "helped" mom fix her bed and I use the word "helped" lightly. Hammering and nailing is not my gift. Friday night when she and Lexi and Ashton all climbed into bed together, the bed collapsed. I don't know why that makes me laugh. Fortunately there were three other beds in the house to choose from. We have no official plans for the rest of our trip. The girls just love playing in Granny's huge backyard, which is fenced, like a backyard should be (Floridians don't fence their yards, isn't that strange???) And they love to ride their bikes on Granny's long long driveway. The weather is just perfect! Lows in the 40's, highs near 80. Beautiful! I might venture into town today to see if I can find me a few more Texas ornaments for our Texas Christmas tree. We've added to it every year for the past 7 years. It means even more to me now that I don't live in Texas. It's like a piece of home in my living room during the holiday season. This year we're adding a Florida tree. It's a lit palm tree with flamingo ornaments. Stop laughing. We bought it last year at an after Christmas sale. Now I just need me some lawn art...I'm picturing a cowboy santa on horseback being pulled by some pink flamingos!


Jenn95 said...

Well Heather, I have to admit that I was a "two percenter" as well. I watched the first quarter of the game and figured that my time was better spent shopping than seeing us get creamed! :) It was just too painful to watch.

Tell Nanny and your mom hello!


Rachel said...

That would be cute!

Stephanie said...

Can't wait to see pics of your Florida tree. BTW, aren't you going to miss your old neighbors' decorations this Christmas? We have a second generation of the Griswold Family down the street. They already decorated for Christmas and boy do I mean DECORated. I think they forgot a pink flamingo though, could you tell me where I can get one for them?