Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What I Know

America has just elected an African American President. What an AMAZINGLY historical event. And so wonderful (from a historical perspective).

I want desperately to like Obama. I'm sure he's a wonderful person. But when it comes to the moral and economic issues, I'm just not with him. I could not vote for him.

Black people can no longer claim the "race card". Cause we elected a freakin BLACK PRESIDENT people! (And I would bet that more white voters voted for him than black voters.)

Our country has always gone through cycles of conservatism and cycles of liberalism. I thought the world would end when Bill Clinton was elected. And then I was SURE it would end when he was elected AGAIN. But here we sit. 12 years later.

The liberal media never ceases to anger and frustrate me. But maybe our new president can get that under control since it appears as though we're headed towards socialism.

I LOVE GLENN BECK! The only voice of reason within the liberal media.

I'm sorry, but the story about Obama's grandmother dying yesterday, I'm not buying it. When I saw that on the news yesterday, I said, "PUH-LEASE!" I think they purposefully waited until the day before the election to release that statement or they pulled the plug yesterday strategically on that day to play on the sympathy vote. Call me crazy. Or a sicko!

I live in a blue state. For the first time in my life. Dark Blue, very very blue. Blue president. Blue house. Blue senate.

The sun will rise tomorrow and America will still be the most wonderful country in the world and there's no place I'd rather be.

God is in control.

Palin 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jonatha said...

Thank you for this. I needed to hear the voice of reason this morning and be reminded that God is in control, even in this blue state.

The Simpsons said...

I totally had the same thought last night as I was watching the election results!!

Palin 2012!!

Stephanie said...

I absolutely agree. I am so sick about what could happen to the laws protecting LIFE in this country. I also hope that having an African-American president will help end the whining by SOME that the African Americans can't get a fair shake in this country. Now he needs to follow in the footsteps of Bill Cosby and call on all to step up and quit playing the race card.

All we can do now is pray for our country!

kristi said...

I AGREE completely with you!!!!

Unfortunately, the Americans voted against the Bush Administration....not issues. They voted party & race, not issues. I do not believe they voted for Obama as much as they voted against the past 8 years with Bush.

I was hoping McCain/Palin would come up at the end with those last few states and would pull through, but that did not happen. I voted RED, but we needed a few more red states!!!

I am saddened at the outcome!!!

Lorrikg said...

I am truly sad today. It forces me to think: If Obama's views and policies on abortion were around two years ago would my son be here?

I can't imagine a world without my beautiful boy.

There is nothing I can do about it but hope for 2012.

laytonfamily said...

this state wasn't blue the last two elections!
And yes, you are a sicko!