Monday, April 13, 2009


So we had a "staycation" at home last week. Ever heard of that term? A stay at home vacation? You can totally do that in Orlando! We went to Disney's Animal Kingdom one day and Hollywood Studios one day. We went to Blizzard Beach Water one day and to St. Pete Beach one day. My mom gave us Disney passes for our birthdays (thank you Granny) so it was fun to put them to use! The parks were SOOOOO crowded! You would never guess we're in a recession or that Disney had to lay off 1500 employees a few weeks ago! But despite the Spring Break crowds, we had a great time! Cary and I really enjoyed "sleeping in", you know, till 7:30/8:00! It's a sad day when 7:30 is "sleeping in". That's when you know you're getting old! On Friday morning, the girls busted in our room at 8 AM wearing their swimsuits begging to go to the beach. Who could say no to that? The weather last week was INCREDIBLE! Cool nights, perfect days! Not too hot, not too cold. Lots of Florida sunshine! I didn't even break a sweat at Disney! And of course today was back to reality. Daddy went back to school and had a test today. The girls both went back to school today. I went back to work today. My house is back to being a wreck today! It stayed so clean last week!!!! Anyways, fun times!

Must go unglue Lexi from the rings on the play equipment to do homework! That little monkey does flips over and over. It's like an addiction. (An addiction I'm highly jealous of...I could never do that!)

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Nickel Mom said... fun! We totally miss Flordia and all there is to do there! We love being here with family, but we're begging someone....anyone to move south with us again! As soon as someone says, "OK".....we're off to the sunny south with SO much to do everyday!! :0) Until then.....we do still love being close to family and enjoying all our neices and nephews! :0) Sounds like a fun break!