Monday, April 6, 2009

It's Spring Break!!!

We are FINALLY on Spring Break! I've been highly envious of all my facebook friends who have been flaunting their Spring Break statuses the last month or so. And finally, my week has arrived! It hasn't been much of a break yet, although the girls did sleep till 9 this morning. Of course one of them had been in my bed since 4 a.m. so not like I slept till 9! So far, I've spent the weekend working so that I could enjoy the week. Which meant my house went to pots, because if I don't clean, no one cleans. So I spent the day cleaning and getting caught up on laundry and about 4 hours of my day finishing up all the work related stuff I didn't finish this weekend. Today we took Ashton to the doctor. She was diagnosed with asthma about 3 months ago and so far the inhalers and nebulizer meds haven't phased her. She's also on Singulair, like sister. And that doesn't seem to phase her either. So the doctor said, let's tackle the congestion and then the inhaler will be effective. Made sense. So she attempted to change her to Allegra and Nasonex today, but the insurance company wouldn't approve it b/c we just got her Singulair refilled on Friday! Grrrrrr.....So unless we want to pay out of pocket (we don't), we'll have to wait about 25 more days to change her over to the new stuff and see if it works. Her lungs sounded clear the dr. said. So that was good. She hasn't had any fever. She just can't stop coughing, poor girl! I'm hoping to spend the rest of the week not working and cleaning and going to the doctor. Is that too much to ask? We're going to go to Disney's Animal Kingdom one day, St Pete beach one day, and I don't know what else we'll do this week. RELAX I hope! I always thought Spring Break was for the students and teachers, but I'm telling you it's just as much for the parents! It's a whippin to get them up and bathed and dressed and backpacks packed, lunches packed, homework in the folder, hair done and all out the door by 8:15. Not to mention the homework when Lexi gets home! So I was all over this little break! I can't wait for summer!

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