Friday, May 29, 2009

Missy the Navigator

Cary and I both have these high tech phones that we thoroughly enjoy and don't know how we ever lived without them. Our phones have voice activated searches along with voice activated navigation systems. So for example, I can search for the closest Starbucks by hitting a button and saying "Starbucks" into my phone. It calculates my GPS and then gives me a map and driving directions that I can either read or "SHE" will read them to me as I drive along, just like any regular navigation system. It's a nifty feature, except for one thing..."SHE" has a bit of an attitude, especially when we don't exactly follow her route. And "SHE" can get a little testy. It's quite entertaining. Sometimes I take a wrong turn just to make "HER" mad. Heeeheeeeheeee. Today, Ashton asked, "What's HER name?" And I was like, "Who are you talking about?" And she said, "Her, the lady talking on your phone." And it occured to me that we haven't given "HER" a name. But tonight as we were listening to "her" get agitated with us yet again, Cary said, "Oh hush up Missy!" And that's when it occured to me that her name should be Missy. Missy is kind of a sassy name and she is a sassy kinda voice! So here is a conversation that took place tonight between Me, Cary, and "Missy":

Picture us driving in a part of town we've never been in before...

Me: Honey, I think you should turn right at that light, I just really think that's the direction you need to head in.

Cary: Well, let's see what Missy has to say....pause....Missy says we should go left, not right.

Me: (At this point, he's getting the raised eye brow, slow head turn from me b/c how dare he not trust my sense of direction!) Well, are you going to listen to the woman who has never walked on this planet, or ME who just drove us here and feels like we should go back in sorta the direction we came in?

Cary: Missy gets her cues from satellites.

Me: FINE! Listen to Missy. But she's WRONG! I think you should turn around now.

A few minutes later....

Cary: Missy froze up. pause. Missy says we are off track and should take a U-Turn at this light and go back the other direction.

Me: That's what I tried to tell you 10 minutes ago! Now turn that thing off and listen to your wife!

Cary: But you don't have a satellite.

Me: No, but I have a BRAIN!!!!!


circus of love said...

I have named our Magellan, Maggie. John is not real confident in her abilities. She often takes us around the world to get next door. On long trips, John always compares her directions to an actual atlas that we keep in the car. Me, I just follow her blindly. As long as it gets me there, I am OK.
FYI-Definitely going to work on renting with either our own pool or a community pool. That way I will still get to visit my friends. Ha,ha! Jonatha said she would come visit for the water,too.

Lorrikg said...

Hey at least yours talks to you, the silly Google phone doesn't talk and always places your actual location like 5 miles from where you really are. We call it Goober phone. :-P

Jonatha said...

That is hilarious! We use the GPS maps on our phone, but only to see where we are. It would drive me crazy having ANOTHER person tell me what to do!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious!!!! The brand of the one in our car is Tom-Tom, so that is what we call it....except our kids think Tom-Tom makes no mistakes at ALL!!!! Wrong....he has told us to turn at the wrong place on occasion :)